Insufficient snowfall impacts businesses relying on snow accumulation. Arbol's parametric coverage for low snowfall offers tailored protection against revenue losses arising from inadequate snow. Policies can be customized with location(s), desired limit of liability, coverage trigger, and risk period.


All 50 U.S. states

Who can benefit
  • Snow removal companies
  • Ski resorts and winter sports facilities
  • Municipalities with snow removal contracts
  • Businesses in regions with seasonal tourism relying on snow

How it works

Using ERA5 snowfall data, an insured becomes eligible for a loss payment if cumulative snowfall falls below the pre-selected trigger, ensuring businesses can maintain profitability and continue operations despite low snowfall challenges.

An example structure

For informational purposes only. Actual coverage may vary by carrier.

Mountain Resorts that rely on revenue from the ski season need natural snowfall to ensure revenue targets are met. Ski slopes require a minimum amount of snow to be usable and part or all of the slope will need to be closed if there is a lack of accumulated snow.

Contract structure
Mountain resort
Aspen, Colorado
Low Snowfall
full limit recovery
20 inches
Payouts Based on
Cumulative Snowfall
payout table example
x% for Cat 3 within 30 miles
y% for Cat 4 within 20 miles
z% for Cat 5 within 10 miles
Daily threshold
limit paid at
payment per inch
time period
12/1 - 2/27
Coverage trigger
35 inches
data source
National Hurricane Center
Payout profile

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