High wind or gusts* can wreak havoc on businesses, leading to revenue loss, expensive repairs, and operational disruptions. Arbol's high wind protection is a tailored parametric insurance solution offering financial protection when wind speeds surpass a chosen trigger during the policy period. Utilizing ERA5 wind gust data, our coverage ensures accurate measurements and reliable support when businesses need it most.

*Non Tropical Cyclone Wind


All 50 U.S. states

Who can benefit
  • Agricultural businesses (e.g., hops growers)
  • Construction companies
  • Energy and utility providers
  • Outdoor event organizers

How it works

High wind protection coverage can be customized based on location(s), limit of liability, coverage trigger, and policy period. For instance, the pre-selected coverage trigger for a hops grower might be 60 miles per hour. Should wind speeds exceed this threshold, the insured automatically qualifies for a loss payment, assisting with repair, replacement, or lost revenue costs. This financial protection helps businesses stay profitable and operational despite high wind challenges.

An example structure

For informational purposes only. Actual coverage may vary by carrier.

Hops producers are especially exposed to high winds devastating the quantity and quality of their assets. High winds can cause trellises (Framework of poles and wires in which hops are grown on) to fall over. High winds can also cause the hop plants to lean over, a condition known as lodging. Lodging can lead to difficulties in harvesting and reduce the overall quality of the hops, causing a potential loss of revenue to the producer.

Contract structure
Hops producer
Yakima Valley, Washington
Wind Gust
full limit recovery
Payouts Based on
Maximum Wind Speed
payout table example
x% for Cat 3 within 30 miles
y% for Cat 4 within 20 miles
z% for Cat 5 within 10 miles
Daily threshold
limit paid at
payment per mph
time period
6/1 - 8/31
Coverage trigger
data source
National Hurricane Center
Payout profile

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