High temperatures can affect businesses, leading to reduced revenue and increased expenses. Our parametric insurance offers tailored protection against revenue losses caused by high temperatures.


Contiguous U.S.

Who can benefit
  • Agriculture businesses
  • Commercial property owners 
  • Retail and hospitality businesses 
  • Manufacturing facilities 
  • Energy providers

How it works

Using PRISM daily maximum temperature data, our coverage makes insureds eligible for loss payments if the highest daily temperature during the policy period exceeds the pre-selected trigger, helping manage financial risks associated with high temperatures.

An example structure

For informational purposes only. Actual coverage may vary by carrier.

Organizers of open air markets that operate outdoors may face challenges during hot weather. Both vendors and shoppers may be deterred from attending the market, or the local authorities may force a closure if a heat wave is too dangerous for prolonged outdoor exposure.

Contract structure
Retail business
Atlanta, Georgia
High Temperature
full limit recovery
110° Fahrenheit
Payouts Based on
Maximum daily temperature
payout table example
x% for Cat 3 within 30 miles
y% for Cat 4 within 20 miles
z% for Cat 5 within 10 miles
Daily threshold
limit paid at
payment per degree
time period
6/1 - 10/31
Coverage trigger
100° Fahrenheit
data source
National Hurricane Center
Payout profile

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