Excess soil moisture can impact businesses, causing financial and operational challenges. An excess of water saturation in soil can cause damage to crops or cause businesses like golf courses to shut down temporarily. Arbol's parametric insurance protects against revenue losses by offering customized coverage based on a business's specific needs.


All 50 U.S. states

Who can benefit
  • Orchards
  • Agricultural cooperatives
  • Nurseries and garden centers
  • Agricultural research facilities
  • Golf courses and athletic fields

How it works

Using ERA5 hourly volumetric soil data, our coverage makes insureds eligible for loss payments if cumulative soil moisture exceeds the pre-selected threshold for the specified number of days, helping manage financial risks associated with excess soil moisture.

An example structure

For informational purposes only. Actual coverage may vary by carrier.

Last year Corn Processor Inc. lost a large portion of their revenue due to moldy corn. During the drying stage excess soil moisture caused the plants roots to rot away reducing the corn yield.

Contract structure
Corn Processor
Kansas City, Missouri
Excess Soil Moisture
full limit recovery
10 Days
Payouts Based on
Cumulative number of days in which the saturation is greater than the threshold
payout table example
x% for Cat 3 within 30 miles
y% for Cat 4 within 20 miles
z% for Cat 5 within 10 miles
Daily threshold
35% Saturation
limit paid at
Payment Per lost day
time period
8/1 - 12/31
Coverage trigger
5 Days
data source
National Hurricane Center
Payout profile

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